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Kathie & Joe worked our tests in the same day we called, arrived early (but, called first to make sure I was home), and performed the tests quickly, but throughly. Their equipment allowed e tests to be performed and completed same day, rather than the 2-day petri dish tests other providers offered. Kathie worked with me to get the correct paperwork for my insurance company. Both, Kathie and Joe were extremely nice and didn't even mind my kids running about.
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Fantastic. They arrived early, inspected the inside, outside, and property thoroughly, and explained everything in detail.
 It was a 33 year old big house, and we are first time home buyers and nervous. Did not know what to expect.
 These folks Kathy & Joe did a super job. They even accommodated my request to come with in two days.
 They took me and my wife around every corner of the house and explained every small detail. Some times I asked them to explain again. They did it with a smile. It was pleasure. I was taking notes, and Joe told me, you will receive a detailed report with photographs. And we were so happy to look at the report, everything, so well documented with pics. My friends kept asking, how I found out about them.
 Thanks Kathy & Joe for the inspection & report and a great service.
Thanks Angie's List, I had heard about you earlier but had never used. This is really a very good and very useful service for people like me, who do not know whom to trust. My wife & I feel so confident now to get other work at home done by Angie's rated services. I know first hand, that it is real and not faked up. My subscription has been more than paid off, by just this one inspection. And I have a lot more services to use like painting, and other routine maintenance work.
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Outstanding. Cathy & Joe did a tremendous job. Their knowledge and professionalism we all top notch. Not to mention....two of the most personable people you can meet. In today's world....it's nice to meet people who are on top of their game and good at what they do. Getting down to the details....they attack out house as a team. Joe completed the the inspection on our roof, exterior, basement (electrical/mechanical). Cathy did a majority of the interior (kitchen, bathrooms, appliances, etc). Having remodeled a majority of my current house....I was amazed at the number of issues that both inspectors caught....including a potentially hazardous electrical panel manufactured by a now bankrupted supplier. I look forward to reviewing the report. From previous posts....I have no doubt the final report will also get an "A". Would highly recommend them.
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