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Final Walk Through
Final Walk Through
Before closing on your future home it's very important to take one last inspection of the residence. Buyers with their Realtor agent should schedule a final walkthrough prior to the closing. The best time to schedule this is after the current owner have moved out and just a few hours before the actual closing. The final walkthrough is the last protection you have to insure there are no damages to the property. Make sure all of the agreed too repairs, the Home Inspector reported, are resolved. You will need to look at any differences in the property from when you originally saw it until now. Flush the toilets, turn on the water, make sure you have hot water and turn on the Heat/AC. Assure yourself the home is in good condition, or better, than it was during the Home Inspection. You want to make sure there aren't unexpected surprises. If you feel more at ease to have the Home Inspector return to verify the repairs, we're sure they'll be glad to re-inspect for a small fee to cover expenses. Surprises center around debris left in the home. Non essential items for the home should be removed. There shouldn't be newspapers, clothing, furniture and etc. left behind. If problem exist, those issues need to be brought to the table at closing. Write down all problems or differences and take pictures with a digital camera. Give this documentation to your attorney prior to the closing. Minor issues can be resolved by the seller or a credit can be issued to hire someone for correction. Major issues may be resolved by monetary compensation.
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State Law required in 1990 that all bathroom exhaust fans exit out of the home through a roof termination cap with a flapper damper. Homes built prior to 1990 were grandfathered, and owners are not forced to make repairs. The state strongly recommended that all condo, townhome and apartment associations quickly retrofit their outdated systems. Many have refused,
Many certified home inspectors or builders can tell you about the horrible toxic mold and wood rot in roof framing and roof sheathing. Heating and cooling ducts recirculate the toxic mold and fungi into the home. This is a major health threat to children and the elderly . It also is not a “green: process, as it becomes harder to heat and cool one’s home.
The Legislature should require that all associations make these changes immediately. Homeowners should not underestimate the severe issues that this water vapor can cause and should have the repairs done immediately as well.
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